Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Are We?

We differ in our political parties and views. We even differ in our preferred Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. But we believe that every candidate has a right to be a human being, treated with dignity, judged on facts not rumors.

We believe that candidates' families should be treated with respect, and their personal choices, successes, or failures should remain irrelevant to the political discourse.

We believe the mainstream media MUST be held accountable for reporting rumors as fact, pushing personal challenges as political speaking points, and leaving objectivity at the door. We believe that sexist, racist or demeaning language has no place in the media.

We believe that female candidates should be held to the same standards as male candidates, afforded the same courtesies, and welcomed into political arena with the same enthusiasm.

We believe that Sarah Palin's place in history should be about her skills and her accomplishments - not about her uterus or anyone else's.

We ask ALL people of good conscience to speak out in support of the Palin family - not because you necessarily think Sarah Palin is the perfect choice for Vice-President - but because you want the doors of opportunity open for your daughters and for other human beings who dare to be personally imperfect under the American political microscope.

We welcome your supportive comments below.


Heidi said...

Thank you for writing this down. I hope they leave this young woman alone!!

Diamond Tiger said...

I'm one of those PUMA women that is not cowering in the corner. I will be adding you to the blogroll and talking your site up!

Keep up the Great Work!


Tracy Karol said...

Where are the so-called feminists? Thank you for writing this. I'm writing my own support piece today. I'm so angry and disgusted. To give me your thoughts, email me please at tracy@independents4mccain.com

pathickey said...

Allow me to offer my slim talents and wide waist band!

I have many posts on Sarah. thus far.

I am a Democrat ( now only casting D votes in my Ward) for McCain.


Author said...

The behavior of the liberals and their mainstream media water-carriers has been disgusting.
The ONLY good that will come of it is that every-day Americans are taking notice and they are taking these people to task for their actions.

Sarahrocks said...

Wow, What a speech Sarah gave tonight. I have also been disgusted this week with all the bad press that Sarah has gotten. She stood up to them tonight and proved she is not going away!
Thank you for your site.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Well said. Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks heavens for Sarah Palin, who bravely exposed the hypocrisy of lofty stadium speeches, fake presidential seals and styrofoam columns. I am a Democract (soon to be ex-dem) who is voting for McCain/Palin. I'm so proud of Sarah Palin's bravery and poise. I know many Democrats who feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

First off thank you for setting this site up

I'm really mad as heck!!!!I think the medias coverage of her has been absolutely despicable.When I heard her speak the other night I felt like I was finally seeing a regular person in politics...someone who goes grocery shopping and changes diapers and kisses boo boos,Someone who has to balance her time between work and kids and husband,someone who is loving enough to accept a special needs child with open arms(hes absolutely adorable by the way,)someone whos family has faced problems that us normal folks face every day.She struck an immediate chord with me and gave me renewed faith in the American dream ,that yes you can be the president of the U.S. or anything else you want to be if your willing to work for it. The media has lost all control of itself.It is no longer objective at all.Its revolting to see just how nasty they really are.

A Daily Double said...

Thank you for your site. We are sickened by the treatment that Sarah Palin is receiving while Joe Biden is rarely mentioned by the media and Barack Obama is treated like royalty. No matter what side of the issues we are on, let's all stand up for fairness.


Mommie Blogs said...

It is a disgrace what the media, even actual people that currently hold public offices have said about Sarah Palin's personal life. However, through this storm, Gov Palin's grace and confidence is defining her character and America is taking notice! Thank you for starting this blog

Anonymous said...

I first saw Governor Palin on Larry Kudlow's show a couple of months ago.She won me over.My wife and I were booked to visit Alaska in a couple of weeks and in my excitement of seeing her on Kudlow I told everyone about her.That she will be our next VP. On one of our tours in Junneau,we had a few extra minutes,and the bus driver took us to the Governor's mansion.As we rode by he descibed that he lived nearby and how much he liked her and perhaps we might see Mrs.Palin outside.We didn't,but I was telling people she is going to be our next VP.Alaska is a beautiful State and I would like to return someday.When I heard the news of McCain's selection of Governor Palin,I watched them in Dayton and I could not stop the tears of joy running down my cheeks.I am thrilled Mr.McCain selected her and I look forward to McCain/Palin in the White House.

Robin said...

I am glad that we have a fresh face in this election. I am glad that Sarah stands for many of things I believe in. I am happy to say that I support her and will be praying that God gives her His strength in the days to come. I believe she is God's creation for such a time as this. My prayers are with our country and with Sarah and her family.
Robin in Alabama

Anonymous said...

Fire away!!! And I wish you success!

Theresa said...

Thanks for starting this. I'm tired of mean-spirited people picking on our Sarah and her family! :)

As a mom of a large family myself, I can attest to two things: 1. the media has underestimated the power of a MOM and 2. Truth always wins :)

God bless you for what you do and please visit my website



Anonymous said...

Thank you Governor Palin for coming to Richmond,Va. I came to show my support.Best wishes to you and your family.Good luck Nov.4th.

McCain/Palin 2008